2010 Honda Insight Parking Garage Commercial

Song: Together
Artist: Rabbit!

Rabbit - The Rabbit! - EP - Together

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Commercial Description

A Honda Insight car is driving up to the top of a parking garage, where there are lots of Insights parked. The driver parks, the driver appears to turn off his iPod. He then gets out and helps someone take a wedding cake out of the trunk of his Insight. A family walks together, and we see two other people carrying tennis equipment.

Voiceover Says

“The hybrid for everyone is here. The Insight. Designed and priced for us all. From Honda.”

Song Lyrics Used in Ad

Let’s all paint the town
Red and white
Black and brown
Watch the colors dry
They mix so well it’s no surprise
We are all in this together
Let’s all build a home
Gather up the friends you know
Somewhere we can go
We make it so
This is known
We are all in this together

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