2008 Saturn Vue "Transformation" Commercial

Song: Lil King Kong
Artist: Simple Kid

Lil' King Kong - 2

Saturn Commercial Description

Commercial starts out with a Saturn Vue in a garage, the view is from the street as a person on a bicycle rides by. The car pulls out of the garage, as the garage transforms to something that resembles a movie theatre facade (?).

We see the Saturn Car driving down the street, which passes a dog whos collar starts to bloom like a sunflower.  The car has to suddenly stop to avoid a wreck and immediately armor forms around the car, point out the Saturn’s safety features.

Text on Screen:
“137 Safety Features” “Hybrid Also Available” “Saturn”

 Lyrics from Saturn Commercial:
I was eat to the beat of Cynic Street when
I saw I signpost tellin me to pick my feet off the ground now
So I thinked to the shrink, told her all bout my lover
She told me get a dog that says ‘Bow Wow Wow’
Met a sad man with a book in hand called 



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