2008 Propel Fitness Water Commercial "Power Walking Woman"

Song: Family Affair
Artist: Mary J. Blige

Family Affair - No More Drama (Bonus Tracks)

Commercial Description

In the ad, we see a woman walking down Rodeo Drive. She passes by Derek Jeter, John Stamos and Taye Diggs and turns their heads. Towards the end of the commercial we see that it was all in her imagination as she is actually walking down a suburban street, with a Propel Fitness water in her hand.

Sample Lyrics:

Come on baby just party with me
Let loose and set your body free
Leave your situations at the door
So when you step inside jump on the floor

Let’s get it crunk, we gon’ have fun
Up on in this dancery
We got ya open, now ya floatin’
So you gots to dance for me
Don’t need no hateration, holleratin’
In this dance for me
Let’s get it percolatin’, while you’re waiting
So just dance for me

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