2008 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

Song: Fort Knox
Artist: Goldfish

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Kia Commercial Description

2008 Kia Soul car commercial shows scenes around a city of hamsters on hampster wheels, in the street with hampsters running on them. We then see a red Kia Soul pull up next to a hamster wheel and the window rolls down. Inside are 4 hamsters. The red Kia Soul drives around the city and at one point the passenger hamster looks at his silver iPod. Eventually they drive to the top of a parking garage.

Text on Screen

A new way to roll.
50+ Accessories
31mpg / highway
Starting under 14k
Kia Motors. The power to surprise.

Lyrics Used in Ad

hold on to the moment when there is something brewing in the sky
come on.. there is too much distance, separating you and I
now i know that’s treason but shakin at our movin and it’s all because of you
and i feel something, what you are feeling boy,the heat
oh i feel something, what you are feeling boy,the heat

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